Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Digi-Layout & 2 Simple Layouts~

Hello. How are you my dearest readers? I was sick yesterday. So I went to the clinic. I felt really dizzy in fact, I still feel dizzy a bit now! Oh no, I'm not pregnant, yet! Hahaha :D

Anyway, I just finished this digi-layout & I finished 2 other layouts yesterday. :)

I love trying new style on Digi-Scrapping. I was blog hopping & found this blog Holly Spring Designs :) I'm impressed & never expected to do this kind of layout. So here I am trying it!! :D I love it. I know it's simple but I've never crop picture like this & digi-scrap like this before right? So it's kinda new to me :D I need to learn more from my dear husband. He's so good, erm no, he's very good in this photoshop stuffs!! Hahaha.. Lucky me huh? ;)

This 'Dream' layout was done on February or March but I forgot to stick down the journal (yup those journal stickers!!) because I misplaced it. Yesterday, when I saw this layout I was like hmmm.. it's now or never!! Hahahaha..


Sarah with her Granddad (my father).

This is the 2nd layout I finished yesterday.

~Adore My Baby~
I just made a very simple layout :)

The card journal.

Word 'Adore' is part of the PP, 'My' I sprinkled with blue glitter & 'Baby' I embossed it :)

Thanks for looking ;)


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