Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My Little Family Day's Out, Handmade Card & Paper Flowers~

Hello my dear readers :)

It's been a long time I didn't update this blog with a not so interesting life story of mine ;P

This photo was taken in the kitchen just before we went out last Sunday :) You can see Sarah smiled excitedly!! Hahaha... With her wrinkled nose & showed her full front teeth!! XD

Here is another picture of Sarah with her Daddy.

Another picture of her!! :D She's soooo adorable!!! Hehehe.. Of course my baby is adorable ;)

Do you want to hear a funny story about Sarah on that night? Actually, I prepared her a red shirt to wear. While I get dressed, my maid took care of her. After DH & I got dressed, we went downstairs & I was shocked to find out that she wore this pink shirt!! I yelled at my maid & asked her where's the red shirt? She replied 'Sarah doesn't want to wear the red shirt! She took the pink shirt from the dresser & put it around her neck! So I changed it.' I was speechless & laughed out loud really loud along with my DH & my mum! She's a fashionista!! :D Ahh I love you my sweet baby! Ok that's a short story of my not so interesting life! Hahaha..

Back to my craft life, here is the card that I made last night :)

I used Birthday Anya Stamp from The Greeting Farm. I used colour pencils to colour this cute Anya since I don't have any copic pens! Next time I will try to colour using colour pen. :)

I made another flower on Saturday. This time it was small. Using the same Tim Holtz technique of layering.

The comparison between the big flower that I made the day before & this little flower.

I especially love my little flower, because of it looks more realistic! More curled like real flower hahaha..

Thanks for looking :)

P/s: I made a dowry book on Sunday!! I'll post it latest by this week :))


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