Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sarah, Handmade Doll & Engagement Folder.

Hello everyone ;)

Just a quick update but with lots of photos! Lol!

"Mummy do I look pretty?"


These photos were taken on 6th April 2011. I clipped on the ribbon which was a gift from a friend of mine (She's a very good crafter!). When I took out my handphone to take photos of her with that cute hair clips, these were the result. All with her sweet smiling! I love her very much!!! :D she's my sweetheart baby!

Next was a handmade doll that I stitched last Wednesday! :D I know it's not that beautiful or pretty! Hahaha.. but I was inspired by Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas! So I made my own version but cuter with pink colour instead of black! Lol! This was my first time stitched a felt doll :)

This big, alive doll, is specially made by me hahahahhaa!! I love this big doll of mine forever ;)

Next will be an engagement folder (or dowry book the way that I like to call it) that was requested by a very good friend of mine for her engagement day (yesterday). :)

Front cover. I used Webster's Pages' PP from the Hollywood collection ;)

Inside. Slip in for the list of requesting from the bride to be.

A close-up look :)

Anyway if you're looking for a customize engagement folder, don't hesitate to contact me @ my email, Or you can like my Facebook Page & comment there ( :) I will always check it from time to time. For more other altered items or handmade cards (or you want to check the price), you can go here.

Thanks for looking. :) have a nice weekend!


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