Saturday, April 16, 2011

True Love ~ Digi-layout

Wow! It's 12.36 midnight! Hahaha.. I already feel sleepy but I need to upload this digi-layout of mine at Facebook but apparently I encountered some technical problem & my layout couldn't be upload!! Boohoo!!! So here I am with my droopy eyes blogging about this...

True Love~

Journal: I know it's true love when we embrace each other imperfections.

I'm trying for a 'clutter look'..which I rarely do..& immediately I love this layout!! Not the best but best in my eyes!! Hahaha.. Can you spot a button here? Hehehe I created that button using Country Estate PP!! :D it was a hard work! So I managed to create only a button! Lol!

I used
Webster's Pages Digi Collection: Ladies & Gents, Country Estate & Hollywood Vogue
Shabby Princess Digi Collection: Sprout, Sweetie Pie & Yours Truly Expressions.

Thanks for looking :)



Hazirah said...

Love it :-D

Lating Panda said...

This is go great creations...So Shabby...:)