Friday, June 10, 2011

My 3 Layouts~ Blessings, Once Upon A Time & Brothers Forever ~

Hello, good morning everyone ;) We are having our 2nd term school holidays for 2 weeks. This is our 4th day of holidays. Hooray!!

Anyway I made these 3 layouts last week (from last Thursday until Sunday). I was feeling it was holidays already! Lol!

I present you, my first June layout,

I used Prima, the Madeline Collection. These collection is so gorgeous!!

My 2nd Layout,
Once Upon A Time

I used Webster's Pages, Ladies & Gents Collection. Definitely, one of my favourite ;)

My 3rd layout,
Brothers Forever.

I used Webster's Pages old PP (Your Life. Beautiful -brown pokee dot)!! I never realised I still got the old collection! Hehehe.. It was perfect for this old photo of my dad & his late brother. This photo was taken during the 80's. He was the only brother of my father. He passed away last year. May Allah Bless His Soul, Amin.. Al-Fatihah.

Thanks for looking.

Oh, I will be having my 3rd bloganniversary giveaway next week. So stay tune ;)



Blossom inch said...

lovely layouts!

kLavu said...

I Like.. rajin you update ah.. keep it up