Tuesday, December 6, 2011

32 feel like 23 & Mwaaah!!

Hello everyone~ How are you? I'm so sorry that I've been MIA for about a month? I was busy with my work. Now it's school holidays!! :D Hooray!!

Last week, Sarah was ransacking my clothes & her daddy clothes from the basket! Then I got an idea, I dressed her up! Lol! Then after that the room get messier with clothes everywhere on the floor! Haha.. After playing dress-up & laughing happily, she finally took this Superman t-shirt which was way too big for her!! Then my husband said to me, 'Hey, why don't you take your Superman t-shirt?' How could I forgot about it! This is our couple t-shirts. Hehehe.. So I wore my husband's t-shirt, Sarah wore my t-shirt! Voila!! I love this photo ;)

After on hiatus for a long time, I managed to paper scrap! :D

Last month, I was officially 32! But no, I feel like 23 :p

This layout supposed to be submitted for a DT tryout.. But I was so busy last November & couldn't make it..sigh...Well there'll be always a chance in the future ;)

 2 days ago. Sarah was busy playing with her daddy's Ipod. I was sitting in front of my PC & getting bored.. I decided to tease Sarah. I begged her to kiss me!

Me: "Kiss Mummy, please?"

Sarah: "Mwaaaaaah!"

Mission completed! Lol!

I couldn't help myself but scrapped that photo on the same day! :D

I used Sweet Serenity Digital kit ;)

Thanks for looking & I wish you a happy December! :D



Blossom inch said...

first of all Happy Belated birthday darl!

Cute girl and cheeky...
Gorgeous layouts my dear, awesome pics indeed! Happy crafting and thanks for sharing.

Benga said...

belated Happy Birthday!
You're daughter is very pretty, love the photo and the LO!