Tuesday, January 31, 2012

DT?? DTC!!!

Helloooo~~~ How are you everyone?? I got a bit headache & was hungry because I didn't eat my lunch! I was totally immersed doing my school work this afternoon & went straight to the staff development which is held every Tuesday. Then, I nagged my DH to take me somewhere to eat!! I got home & checked my blog & I'm so blessed today!!! I thank to Allah, Alhamdulillah. I got chosen as one of the Design Team for Digital Tuesday Challenge!!! Isn't it awesome!!! 

I still couldn't believe it!! Believe me it's not easy to get chosen especially when there are sooo many talented people out there. With my level of work, hmmpphhh... I need to learn more! Lol! But nevertheless, I thank Lora for her believing in me.

Thanks Lora!!!

Now, I have reason to have a 'me' time every week!! :D  I look forward to work with the team. 

P/s: wait for another announcement that I will make tomorrow, so scrappers out there, keep your eyes open ;)


Friday, January 27, 2012

My Resolutions & Dream, Wish & Hope ~ Layouts.

Hi my dearest readers ;) Here I want to share 2 layouts (paper scrapping) of January 2012.

The 1st one is FSFS' January 2012 challenge:
New Year Resolution which can be find here.
My 1st layout of year 2012.

My resolutions.

I printed the photo & frame (from Laurie Ann HGD - After 5 Design).
The frame look so real!! Lol!! This is hybrid layout.
PP (All About Me), laces, ribbons, clear button were from Webster's Pages.

My 2nd layout.

Dream, wish & hope.

I publicly declare my love for Martha Stewart Punches!!! Lol!!
Totally hooked on them & now I'm trying to collect it slowly.
Doily is from Tim Holtz Die cut ;) I'm in love with it!!
PP used from Glitz Vintage Blue. I'm totally in love with this collection!
To tell you the truth, this layout is totally not my style!! But I'm trying to get out from my comfort zone! Lol! :)

Thanks for looking :)


Monday, January 23, 2012

P366 (Digital Layouts from Day 16 - 23).

Hello all~ Here I want to share my digital layouts from Day 16 to Day 23.

Day 16 
Love You Daddy! Mwaaahh!!
Digital kit by The Hidden Heart (Renan Kneipp - After 5 Design).

Day 17
Pretty In Pink
Digital kit by Yuletide (Becca Herman - After 5 Design).

Day 18
Always Smile & Hope For The Best In Your Life...
Digital kit by A New Year (Red Ivy Design - After 5 Design).

Day 19
Christmas In Singapore~
Digital kit by Yuletide (Becca Herman - After 5 Design).

Day 20
A New Year Resolution
Digital kit by A New Year (Red Ivy Design - After 5 Design).

Day 21
My Beautiful Family
Digital kit by Sweetie Pie & Word Whimsy Family (Shabby Shoppe).

Day 22
Once Upon A Time
Digital kit by Sweetie Pie & Sprout (Shabby Shoppe).

Day 23
Sarah Saw Alex The Lion In Action!
Digital kit by Sweetie Pie (Shabby Shoppe).

Thanks for looking ;)  I will try to post my paper layouts tomorrow..or maybe in few days...hehehe...


Friday, January 20, 2012

P366 (Day 8 - 15 Digital Layouts)

Hello all~ How are you my beloved readers? ;) I'm so sorry that it took me about a week plus to upload my layouts. Lol! & I'm still in the middle of doing my day 20's layout!! And also I haven't upload layouts from day 16-19!! Talking about being a busy bee!!! :S  I'm busy with workload *sigh* 

Day 8
Be Free
Digital kit by Papillon (Laurie Ann HGD - After 5 Design)

Day 9
I Love You
Digital kit by Darling (RedIvy - After 5 Design).

Day 10
Be Happy
Digital kits by ..... Various kit from A5D (I will try to find the name of the kits, 
one thing for sure they were mix of 3-4 digital kits).

Day 11
My Daddy & I
Digital kit by Ladies & Gentlemen (Webster's Pages).

Day 12
2 Beautiful Princesses
Digital kit by Twinkle Toes (KAagard - After 5 Design).

Day 2 (at USS)
Digital kit by ..... another kit I don't remember but 
it's from Shabby Shoppe.

Day 14
Cool Princess
Digital kit by Twinkle Toes (KAagard - After 5 Design).

Day 15
So very cherry sweet
A digital kit by Sweet life (Kristen - After 5 Design).

Ok that's all for now.. I'm going to continue my 20th layout & try to post it with my other pending layouts. Sorry!!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

P366 with Digital Scrapbooking~

Hello!! Happy New Year 2012!! I know it's been a week already! Lol! I was busy with work & the recent wedding of my brother-in-law with my bestie. 

Ok 1 of my resolutions is to scrap everyday, well digitally. Hence the project 366! ;) So here are the 7 digital layouts that I made each day which I already posted everyday at my FB page (ScrapperMaya). I will try to update my blog after this onward, if possible everyday...but no promise though! Lol!

Day 1
Our Beautiful Princess
Digital kit by Twinkle Toes (KAagard-After 5 Design).

Day 2
Just Married
Digital kit by Country Estates (Webster's Pages) & Yours Truly (Shabby Princess).

Day 3
Digital kit by Shabby Princess (Darling Paper collection, Sprout & Yours Truly).

Day 4
We Are In Wonderland
Digital kit by Sprout (Shabby Princess).

Day 5
Digital kit by Sweet Life (Kristen - After 5 Design).

Day 6
Generation Pad!
Digital kit by Darling Paper collection & Sprout (Shabby Princess). 

Day 7
Teasing Mummy
Digital kit by Sweet life (Kristen - After 5 Design).

I will try to finish my Day 8 later...Right now I want to take a nap! I'm so tired after going out with my family since this morning until noon... zzzzzz.... Lol!

Thanks for looking! ;)