Friday, January 20, 2012

P366 (Day 8 - 15 Digital Layouts)

Hello all~ How are you my beloved readers? ;) I'm so sorry that it took me about a week plus to upload my layouts. Lol! & I'm still in the middle of doing my day 20's layout!! And also I haven't upload layouts from day 16-19!! Talking about being a busy bee!!! :S  I'm busy with workload *sigh* 

Day 8
Be Free
Digital kit by Papillon (Laurie Ann HGD - After 5 Design)

Day 9
I Love You
Digital kit by Darling (RedIvy - After 5 Design).

Day 10
Be Happy
Digital kits by ..... Various kit from A5D (I will try to find the name of the kits, 
one thing for sure they were mix of 3-4 digital kits).

Day 11
My Daddy & I
Digital kit by Ladies & Gentlemen (Webster's Pages).

Day 12
2 Beautiful Princesses
Digital kit by Twinkle Toes (KAagard - After 5 Design).

Day 2 (at USS)
Digital kit by ..... another kit I don't remember but 
it's from Shabby Shoppe.

Day 14
Cool Princess
Digital kit by Twinkle Toes (KAagard - After 5 Design).

Day 15
So very cherry sweet
A digital kit by Sweet life (Kristen - After 5 Design).

Ok that's all for now.. I'm going to continue my 20th layout & try to post it with my other pending layouts. Sorry!!

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