Thursday, March 22, 2012

My First ATC's set of year 2012

Hi everyone ;) hope you're all fine~

Today I want to share you my first set of ATC 2012~ Hahaha.. I really love this set! :)
I used Black Magic Stamping Technique.
Basically you used white stamp on a black paper.

Here is the video that I refer to :)

As you can see below picture, I tried different colour.

 1- I stamped the heart image several times on black paper using white ink.

2- I coloured it using metallic colour pencils.

3- I coloured it using watercolour pencils.

4- I coloured it using crayon. This is my favourite.

I dotted all around the heart with white marker pen (I couldn't find white gel pen!). 

The outcome:

 Image with crayon.

 Image with metallic colour pencils.

Image with watercolour pencils.

I may put a tutorial on how to make this ATC, if you're interested to know how I do it :)

Thanks for looking~


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