Monday, April 16, 2012

FSFS' April 2012 Sketch Challenge & My Foot!!

Hello~ How are you everyone? I'm not so fine. You'll find out later why! :(

First I want to share you the FSFS' April 2012 - Sketch Challenge (by myself).

Here is the sketch:

Here is my take :)

I used 3 pieces of Webster's Pages PP (Winter Tale Collection). I punched the border. Then the other piece I tore 3 pieces. While the last one I just cut out the scallop tag (journal) from the PP (& put it below the clustered flower). I printed out a ticket (from my Winter Tale Digital Collection) & put it above the clustered flower. I also printed the title from the same collection & decided to crop it & made it into some banner! :D

I wind the beaded string on a wire until I got the desired outcome & made 2 pieces of it. I also dabbed the doilies with gold acrylic dabber paint (my favourite, Adirondack Dabber Paint). 

The title 'Asyik' (our language) means you're to absorb in something & don't care what's going on around you. In brief, you're in your own world! Lol!

I even wrote the journal in Malay. I will translate as best as I can. "She's so absorb while watching her favourite cartoon. She's also holding a block. Her mummy tried to call her, but she didn't responded which resulting this picture of her 'asyik'!"

Ok this is bad news!! Yesterday, I was going downstairs while holding Sarah in my arms (2 flights of stairs). I was still on the first flight of stairs, then somehow I misstep about 2 steps! In order to keep Sarah safe (from bumping the wall), I sacrificed my feet! This is the result!! Arggghhh!!! I'm stress!! Alhamdulillah, Sarah is OK! Only me...NOT OK! 

Boohoo!! :( Luckily it's not broken! I don't want to get plastered! Sigh...

Anyway, thanks for looking & reading my long post :)

P/s: You still have time to apply for the DT Call for FSFS. Local & International can apply. Good luck!


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