Saturday, May 5, 2012

CSI #16 - Sweet Like Chocolate~

Hello~ It's Saturday & what a busy week for me! I got no time to upload this layout :s even my DT works are not uploaded yet!!

But before that I want to share some news. I just joined CSI (Color, Stories, Inspiration) last 2 weeks. I decided to 'investigate' Case File #16! I came up with this layout! :D

My journal:
"When I was pregnant, my diet consist of chocolate & ice creams. I must eat chocolate on a daily basis. While I must eat ice cream on a weekly basis. Nothing can stop me from eating these 2 heavenly food! Now, Sarah is also like me! She loves to eat something sweet like chocolate! She's totally addicted to it! Lol! As you can see here, she enjoy eating chocolate!!"

I don't know why but I love challenges with specific theme! Lol! If you just give challenge like colour combo, I'm bound to be 'Hmmm....errrrmmm.....what to do??' in a clueless mode! But if it's stating a very specific theme, I like to join it! I'm going to investigate Case File #18 later! I missed Case File #17 due to my workloads. Sigh....

Thanks for looking. But please come back here again in a few moments as I will update it with 2 more posts! Lol!


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