Sunday, June 3, 2012

Handmade Flower Of June

Hello everyone~ Hope your all enjoy your weekend :)

This is a quick post on my handmade flower.

Yesterday, I bought some lace, felt, etc.. This morning, I was trying to make something with the lace then I decided just sew it into a simple flower (like I always see people do it). After that I decided to add a button on top. Just when I wanted to sew it, I remembered my circle organza! 3 days ago, I cut a few circle organza & burnt it's edges & left it somewhere (as a work in progress). So voila, I arranged it like this!! I'm loving it!! I will try to make more variety & will show it to you :) 

Thanks for looking :)

P/s: I went out with my family this afternoon to buy some clothes for the upcoming party. It's for the double celebration birthday party of my niece (my brother's daughter) & her cousin (her mother's side). I can't hardly wait for that birthday party! Lol!


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Marleen Gallagher said...

Maya, this is stunning, just love it xx