Monday, January 21, 2013

20 Questions & 5 Bloggers.

20 Questions, 5 Bloggers
I was kindly nominated by Marleen Michaelis Gallagher to answer 20 questions (that's a lot!) & then pass them to another 5 bloggers.

Name: Maya Ariffin

Job: A preschool teacher.

What do you love more than cake? My family!!

What do you dislike? Spiders!!

Who do you find annoying? Hypocrites!!

Favourite blog? Too many to count!!

Favourite website? Too many to write down here.

Are you on Facebook? Oh yes ;)

Are you on Twitter? I do but seldom check it. Lol!

Your 2013 New Years Resolutions? Be more active in art & craft. Be more organised....

Children/Pets? A daughter & the little one in my tummy :)

Best memory to date? Our wedding day, 25th November 2007 :)

Perfect way to relax? Playing with my daughter & reading book till I fall asleep.

Favourite tipple? I don't drink as I'm a Muslim (it's prohibited for us to drink those alcoholic drinks).

Inspired by? My husband's skills in Photoshop. Those uber scrappers & mixed media artists out there such as Jaz Lee Soo Hui (Webster's Pages DT), Anna Dabrowska (Prima Marketing DT), to name a few....

Favourite food? Spaghetti meatballs, Carbonara & pizza.

Favourite colour? Blue, red, gold, black & pink.

Your top tip? Hmmm...I make it a MUST to kiss my daughter everyday *mwaahh*

Favourite book/Author? I like Lee Child, JK Rowling & many more.

Bad habit? Hahahaha...unorganised!!

I nominated Lora, Edleen, Renee, Ka Ryn & Holly. Ladies, please answer these questions. Mention me & my blog & then tag 5 other bloggers to do the same ;)


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RyN said...

sorry dear, will tackle this insya Allah. sibuk masih ;)