Thursday, May 30, 2013

Airplane For Kids~ (Recycled)

Hello everyone~ How are you? I know it's already late, it's 11.48pm now. Lol! But I have to share this simple tutorial with you all! It will be my first time for sharing a tutorial for kids craft, so please bear with me.

This week, our theme is Air Transportation. I think my tutorial for these airplane is really useful for Preschool kids. :)

The items that you need:
-craft knife
-colour pencil box (the empty one)
-a small piece of manila card
-ice cream stick
-kabob stick (satay stick).

1st step:
Cut out (I draw) the body on the plain side of the colouring box. The reason I used this box is, it's sturdy, cheap & readily available!! As a teacher, we are trying to make use everything. In short, RECYCLE! As you may be aware, that we do need to prepare those colouring pencils for the kids, so please don't throw those empty boxes yet. It come handy when you need it, like I do ;)

2nd step:
Cut out the corner of the colouring box flap into half. As you can see as below.

3rd step:
Cut a slit at the end of the airplane.

4th step:
Put the small piece of paper (the flap that you cut) as the airplane tail on the slit.
Do you notice that I draw a small line on the middle of the airplane body? Yes, that will be where you'll put the ice cream stick. Just remember to cut both side with craft knife.

5th step:
Actually I forgot to show you the circle cut out from manila card. Anyway you can cut the circle randomly or like me, I use a small cellotape as a small circle stencil. You fold the circle into half, then open it, fold the other side into half again. Do this step until you can see the crease. The reason for this creases is that the kids will find it easier to colour the fan. To attach the fan, you'll need to make a small hole on the center of the circle (make sure the kids colour it first). Then put the kabob stick (cut the stick into 3-4 pieces), to ensure the fan will not fall off, I put some tape in front of it (the stick), just wind the tape around it until the desired thickness (you can see it on the later picture). Then you can stick it under the plane with cellotape.

This is how it look like when I assemble it.

This is the finish product.

I asked them to collage their airplanes :)

Their final airplanes. 

My kids' happy faces with their airplanes :)

I hope this tutorial help you alot (especially preschool/art teachers).

Thanks for looking :)

InSha-Allah, I'll be back for more tutorial on kids craft :)


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