Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Resilient Award - My Inspiration for Stamping Dragons Den.

Hi & Assalamualaikum all. Today I'm going to share a digital layout that I made for Stamping Dragons Den for inspiration. As a part of the SDD DT we are required to make something every month for the challenge blog & create something for the sister's blog. As today is my turn, I decided to make a digital layout as my first inspiration.

Resilient Award

I really love this picture of us together & decided to digital scrap it! :)

The items that I used here are:
(Both Rustic & Pastel Swirl kits are no longer available at SDD but you still can find it at  CUP).
Except the frame & vintage flowers I got free from the internet (sorry I couldn't remember from which websites).

Ok, to tell you the truth, I totally didn't expect my first daughter to get an award! I'm not saying that it's impossible but I'm being realistic :) I know my children ability (for me she's a good kid which is wonderful to me already). I was picking up my daughter from school (usually my husband pick her up as I'm a teacher, I can't go out all the time, I'm sure you understand that.). Ok, I find it hard to tell the conversation by telling it as a 3rd party! So I just try to remember our conversation & tada~ TM stands for Teacher Maureen & M stands for Maya (yes, that's me).

TM: 'When is our slot for the PTM?'
M: 'It's in the morning, teacher.'
TM: 'Oh, can we change it into afternoon?'
M: 'Why teacher?'
TM: 'Maisarah got an award, so it's better for the meeting in the afternoon too, after that there'll be an award presentation.'
M: 'Really? What award did she get?'
TM: 'Resilient Award.'
M: 'What is that?' (I know what resilient means but I have to ask just to make sure! Lol!)
TM: 'It's means she's hardworking & never give up.'
M: 'Wow! Good job!' *kiss my girl*

So on Friday, we met the teacher at 2.15 pm in her classroom. I asked Teacher Maureen, how do the teachers decide which kids got the award? She explained every term, there'll be 2 kids from each class to get the award. For every term, the kids will be different. I find it's a very good idea, so the kids will be feeling appreciated & humble at the same time. I mean what's the point if the same kid get the award for every term? I'm glad that Maisarah got this Resilient Award. I'm so proud of her when her teacher said, when she was given a task, she'll make it until she can really do it which means 'never give up'. I hope she'll apply 'never give up' term in her real life when she's grown. May Allah bless my children.

So here is the story behind this beautiful picture of us together. So here is the beautiful layout I created especially for this beautiful reason :)

If you have create a digital layout using SDD collection, please do share with us. I'm sure many of you can create beautiful layouts than me. :)

Thanks for looking.


Sunday, July 20, 2014

My girl's first official layout :)

Assalamualaikum, hi all. Today, I want to share a layout made by my big girl.


I just let her chose her own pp. Initially she chose other pp but when she saw this polka dot, she immediately want this one! This pattern paper is from Echo Park Paper - Dots & Stripes Collection (Very Cherry Tiny Dot). Then I showed her my doilies, she chose these 2 & arranged it on the pp. Then I asked her where did she want to put her picture, she placed it on the middle! Amazing! After I glued those doilies & picture (yes, I was her 'hands' lol!, she was the mastermind!) I showed her my washi tapes, she chose the musical notes. As usual I asked her where she wanted to put those washi tapes, she said on top & below of her picture! Girl sure know her way to scrap! Then the rest are history. I just show some of my things & she put here & there with a little bit of my guidance (especially when she put the heart glitter stickers somewhere on the dots, I immediately told her, it's more lovely if she put them on some place she can see! She agreed & put it on the doilies).

I'm so proud of her! What is missing in the layout are the title & journal, which I don't care since this was her first time. I'll teach her when she's an expert on scrapping her own. For now, just let her creativity flow :)

Thanks for looking. Don't forget to come back here on 23rd July 2014, I have something to show you all. I can't hardly wait to show it but everything is on schedule, all I can do now is wait. See you!


Friday, July 4, 2014

I'm a part of Stamping Dragon Designs Team!

Hello~ As you can read from my post title, I'M OFFICIALLY ONE OF THE DRAGON GIRLS!! Hoorayyyy!!!! I'm one of the SDD Team (Stamping with the Dragon Design Team). 

I just tried my luck, knowing many talented people out there applied for the DT. Guess, it's my luck then to be a part of the Design Team. I must tell you I absolutely love working with digital image. :) That's why I applied :)

Ok, I was contacted 3 days ago & Marleen told me the great news! Oh I'm so happy!! :D
Alhamdulillah, it's really my luck :)

As one of the DT, we are required to make 2 projects for each month. Coincidentally, the first project/challenge will be post on first Friday of every month. So, it's a bit short notice (dearest Marleen & Janette however ask us not to rush & we don't have to make it, bless them), but I managed to make it!!! Yeaahhh!!!

The challenge for this July is, oh yes, my first work, lol! Oh, ok the first challenge is to make an easel card. I was like, oh how to make one?? I never make one? So I googled & found this simple easel card tutorial.

I coloured the image digitally using photoshop. Then I put a circle frame around it (it's from My Grafico). Behind the image are the washi tape from BoBunny - Primrose Washi Tape. The pearls on the corners are from Prima - Lyric Collection. I put some cute mulberry flowers on the corners & top of the image. I put a big button from Making Memories Blossom & Button Jar Rouge Paperie (it's an old collection) which I tied it with twine from We R Memory Keepers. The big button act like a stopper so the card will not slide! Lol! Oh I put a doily to pretty up the card :)

Isn't the image lovely? It's called Spring Beauty, you can find more images on this shop, The Crafting Dragon.

Stamping With The Dragon, is the challenge blog. 
The Dragons Den, is the sister blog.
The Crafting Dragon is the shop.
Facebook group can be found here, feel free to join us!

Please do join our challenge ;) Thanks for looking.