Sunday, August 24, 2014

A very very late night of productivity by both my girls!

Assalamualaikum. Hello everyone~ It's been a long time I didn't update you all about my girls :) so for today, I decided to share pictures of my daughters being productive very late last night. 

Yes, they didn't want to sleep yet as my big girl kept nagging me to make the lion mask. Well it was my fault! I was bringing a lion mask that I made yesterday with my preschoolers with the intention to make it with her during free time but she kept nagging me & insisted to make it! So I granted her 'wish' last night since both of them were still wide awake!! Ugghhh.... Luckily today is Sunday!

Ok here are the pictures;

My little girl decided to get busy too! So I gave her some pen & book to scribble :D while her sister was busy doing the mask. 

Tada! The finished mask for my big girl! She was really happy & proud of her mask :) Phew.. I was very tired since yesterday was my 'first day of the month' it was quiet annoying with these mood swing. *rant over*

Thanks for looking :) maybe I'll show the steps to make this mask, but I don't think that's necessary since it's very very easy. :) I promise, I'll try to update more about crafts by my girls & preschoolers. Oh how I missed updating about their craftiness. See ya~


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